What To Know When Remodeling with Plumbing

June 25, 2018

Here are a few things to consider if you are contemplating any interior remodeling to your home

While every interior design project has its challenges, often the biggest stresses come when someone is renovating a room and giving it an entirely different purpose. Especially if that purpose requires plumbing that didn’t exist before. Maybe you’ve dreamed about turning that unused closet into an extra half bathroom on your main level, a perfect accommodation for guests and visitors. Perhaps you thought it would be useful to have a sink in your mudroom, ideal for cleaning up messes the kids and dog might bring in from the outdoors.

No matter what you envision, anything is possible and adding plumbing to an area is much easier (and more budget-friendly) than one might assume. But that doesn’t mean every homeowner shouldn’t be prepared for what such a project means to their home.

Here are a few things to consider if you are contemplating any interior remodeling to your home, especially if you are thinking of taking on a project where plumbing must be installed

Fixture Placement

Plumbing fixtures, such as bathroom sinks, must be placed strategically within the space. The ideal location is if the new equipment is located close to existing water and waste lines; This will significantly decrease not only your construction costs but your ongoing plumbing bills.

Kitchen Remodel

Think about the Door

If you’re installing a different door in the remodeled space, we recommend you install one that is either a sliding door or one that swings out. This will allow for the maximum amount of space for fixtures. This is also a benefit for guests using this revamped room, especially if it becomes a bathroom.

Don’t Forget Ventilation

If you are designing or installing a new bathroom in a room that does not currently have plumbing, remember that your new restroom must incorporate proper ventilation. If the space does not already have an existing window, you will need to install either a new window or, more likely, a duct fan.

Any interior home renovation is simultaneously an exciting yet overwhelming undertaking. On the positive side, it’s wonderful to have the freedom to transform a current space into a room that meets your ideal functionality and honors your eye for design. But unplanned expenses and unwelcome surprises can occasionally spoil the journey.

In the end, the tough decisions and the anxieties that come along with it are well worth it; at the end of the journey, you are granted with a new space that not only looks great, but that suits the unique needs of your lifestyle. If you are considering taking on an interior design project and transforming a room’s current functionality, don’t let the addition of plumbing stand in your way.

Adding plumbing to a room is not a drawback, but rather an advantage, especially when you work with your friends and experts at JTM Plumbing. Call us today at 402-203-6193.

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