Warning Signs That You Need to Replace Your Furnace

March 21, 2019

Whether by use, flood damage, or simply age, a damaged furnace should not be something you wait to address.

Replacing older home systems is something that homeowners typically push off until they break down. For something like an air conditioner or garage door, it creates a noticeable inconvenience that needs to be dealt with quickly. But when a furnace decides to stop working, it can impact the rest of your home systems and dangerous for your family.

Whether by use, flood damage, or simply age, a damaged furnace should not be something you wait to address. If you haven’t had the experts at JTM over for a professional check-up on your furnace, you may be aiming for more costly (and dangerous) concerns down the road. Below are some warning signs that you should have furnace looked at or replaced sooner rather than later.  

Your Energy Bills Have Gone Up

It’s easy to simply grumble about the cost of your energy bill in the winter, but there might be something more playing a factor than the cold as you turn up the heat. Examining your energy use from previous months and even a year ago can help you track of what your energy bill typically is. If you’re finding that you haven’t had too many changes in your energy use but your bill has continued to noticeably increase, your furnace might be working twice as hard to keep your home at your usual temperature.

Your Furnace is More Than 15 Years Old

Like all of our appliances, age and general wear-and-tear will impact how well a furnace functions. Heating specialists typically find that furnaces begin to deteriorate or stop working after they pass the 15-year mark. Clearly (and safely) labeling the install date of your furnace on or around it can ensure that HVAC specialist knows just how old a system is when they’re looking at it. Unlike other appliances that you may replace more often because you can see that it’s outdated, systems like your furnace that you don’t see every day should still be on your radar.

Your Basement Flooded

Sometimes the jump from Winter to Spring isn’t as gradual as you’d like. Recent floods in Nebraska can be a major headache, but can also be cause for concern when it comes to your home systems, including your furnace. Even a small amount of water damage can greatly affect the delicate sensors or components in your heating system, and if it’s not inspected by a trained professional after the water recedes, it can cause even more damage.  

Temperature Changes Throughout Your Home

Finding that your home doesn’t quite make muster when heating all portions of your home? Modern heating systems should be able to distribute heat evenly throughout each room in your household. Some rooms with larger or drafty windows may be a factor, but if it’s a big difference between sections of your living space, then this is a sure sign that something is up. Even if you have a hiccup where the heater stops working but then its “fine” the next day, that’s a sure sign you’re heading for trouble.

Something Doesn’t Seem Right

Trust your eyes, ears, and nose when it comes to your furnace. The next time your in your basement, do a quick once over of your furnace. Does it sound like it’s working harder than usual? Does the room where you keep your furnace smells musty and it’s not going away? Do you see any visible cracks, rust, or general wear and tear? If so, then don’t wait for it to eventually stop working. Like your power or plumbing, when your furnace decides to stop working, it usually happens in a big way. Calling the experts at JTM for a check-up every year or two will help extend the life of your furnace, and ensure that your system is all set for next winter (or ensure it’s in working condition after a flood.)

Don’t wait to get your plumbing, heating, or cooling systems checked out: JTM is offering an “Early Bird” AC system check for $37, in which we will include a safety inspection of your furnace if you mention the blog. Give JTM a call today at 402-203-6193 or contact us today by filling out the form on our homepage.


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