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October 24, 2017

JTM Plumbing has a variety of services that include sink fixtures, all at an affordable price!

When you think about the most used appliance in your kitchen, what do you think of? The kitchen sink usually comes as one of the most important appliances! From cleaning dishes to vegetables, to filling up pots with water, it’s a kitchen necessity. Finding a dependable sink that suits your home will save you money in the long run, as well as providing you many years of quality and dependability. Update your kitchen sink today! Choosing the right sink isn’t too complicated, but you have a lot to consider!

What To Consider Before Updating Your Sink

In the beginning, the process should start with deciding your needs and how the sink may suit your home. If you have a large family, you might consider a bigger, deeper sink. Or if you’re looking more for style, a specialty sink might be something you should look into. Shape, style, configuration, and accessories are all aspects you can look into during the search. Along with style, you need to think about your current lifestyle. For example, how much food do you make? How many dishes do you use? This will connect to how many sink basins and how deep you will need the sink to be.

Sink Shapes

  • Farmhouse - Usually has one very large basin, but it’s difficult to change after installation.
  • Double Farmhouse - Two large basins that provide more space. This design is farmhouse style, but it doesn’t reflect the true design.
  • Rounded Sides - The smooth edges of this elegant design are easy to clean. It’s wideness takes up a lot of space but, the large size is better for certain lifestyles.
  • Built in Drainboard - The drainboard is helpful for vegetables, but reduces sink space.

Types of Sinks

  • Stainless Steel - Heat and stain resistant, one of the most popular sink materials, durable, various shapes and styles. However, it does show water marks.
  • Composite Granite - Does not show water marks. Durable, variety of colors, smooth finish.
  • Natural Stone - Provides an earthy and natural style that is mostly stain resistant, depending on the kind you get.
  • Fireclay - Hard to scratch, stain, and chip, extremely durable.
  • Cast Iron - An enamel finish that comes in a variety of colors. Their weight is important to consider, because they will restrict you from updating your kitchen.
  • Quartz - Not as resistant to scratches as other surfaces, but provides a luxurious style with various colors, usually light.

JTM Plumbing has a variety of services that include sink fixtures, all at an affordable price! You will get your money’s worth at JTM Plumbing! With customizable features, our friendly staff will be able to accommodate to your needs! For more information, visit our website at jtmplumbingservice.com or give us a call at  402-203-6193!

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