Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

June 27, 2022

Don’t wait till the last minute to bring a plumber in!

Don’t wait till the last minute to bring a plumber in! Everyone’s had a dire plumbing emergency happen where they desperately need a plumber to come in and fix the issue. Although this may seem like the appropriate time to call a plumber, the truth is, having a plumber come in regularly for a plumbing maintenance check will prevent these problems from happening. Plus, finding issues early rather than during an emergency will save you money on costly repairs!During a maintenance check, your plumber will go over the different parts of your plumbing system to make sure it’s in its best shape and to look for any potential problems. An experienced plumbing service will go through this standard checklist for plumbing maintenance:

  • Pipes. First and foremost, your plumber will inspect your pipes for any signs of corrosion or damage. Any signs of rust, whether it’s blue or green, will lead to a potential leak.
  • Leaks. Speaking of leaks, plumbers will also look for any existing leaks or signs of potential leaks in your pipes and plumbing. Kitchen sinks and garbage disposals are particularly at risk for leaks since they are one of the most used parts of your plumbing system. A toilet leak could also lead to issues with flushing in the future. Plumbers will check for any signs of water damage from a leak as well.
  • Septic Tank. Septic tanks and sewer lines should be inspected regularly to ensure there are no clogs or leaks, and if you need any plumbing assistance in your tank. Sewer lines can also get intertwined with tree roots which can cause major issues in the future. Snaking your sewer line can prevent this from happening.
  • Water Heater. Once a year, try having a plumber come to flush, drain, and clean off any sedimentary build-up in your water heater. This will ensure that your clothes, dishes, and glasses come out cleaner than ever and that you always have access to the amount of hot water that you need when you need it. While they are checking this, plumbers will also usually check on the water pressure, as this can be severely affected by sedimentary buildup.
  • Drains. Plumbers should always check that sinks, baths, and showers are draining properly and are free of any clogs. There shouldn’t be any bubbles when draining, and slow drainage is usually a sign of a block in the drain/pipe of some sort. If this is happening, plumbers can typically fix this problem rather easily.

JTM Plumbing Services have been providing professional plumbing services to the Gretna, Nebraska area for years. Our experienced technicians can service a variety of plumbing jobs and have a wealth of knowledge, spanning from traditional methods to new industry techniques. Whether you’re scheduling a regular maintenance check or need an emergency appointment, we’re here for you! Visit our website to send us a message or give us a call at 402-203-6193.


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