Customize Your Bath with the Onyx Collection

May 31, 2016

The Onyx Collection has every area of the bathroom covered.

Do you wish you had a beautiful bathroom that felt more like a spa retreat than simply a place to take a shower?  Are you looking for a solution that is durable, easy to maintain and is guaranteed to withstand years of normal wear and tear? JTM Plumbing’s Onyx Collection might be just what you are looking for.  The product offers a multitude of design possibilities to create the relaxing retreat of your dreams.  

Tile is often the finishing material of choice for kitchen and bathroom designs. Like the Onyx collection products, tile is also durable however grout lines can make it difficult to install, maintain and keep clean. Unlike grout lines that require sealing and sometimes even re-grouting, the Onyx collection has the look of tile grout lines without all the fuss. Offered in a variety of colors, the solid surface Onyx collection offers easy installation and even easier maintenance. Best of all the Onyx Collection has a style to fit nearly every budget and every taste!

The only limit is your imagination. The high-gloss finish offers a sleek and shiny appearance, while the matte finish creates a subtle, smooth and modern feel. Plus, choose from a wide variety of customized inlays and color choices to create a high-end spa-like feel.

The Onyx Collection has every area of the bathroom covered.  With a wide variety of hues and colors, you can choose solid surface products for your shower base, walls, window sills, counter tops, bowls and sinks.  You can even bring the solid surface look to your kitchen with customized counters and even table tops. Get the look of subway tile, slate, stone and even granite for a fraction of the cost.  Plus, rest easy knowing your project will last a lifetime with the Onyx lifetime guarantee!  And, the no-grout design prevents leaks and cracking, a problem common when using traditional bathroom tiles. Would you like to get the look of an expensive customized bathroom for a fraction of the cost?

Contact the professionals at JTM Plumbing to create your personalized Onyx collection design and start enjoying your relaxing bathroom retreat.  We happily service the entire Sarpy and Douglas county area!

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